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The specialised music, sound design and jingle company for Europe and beyond. You can count on Top Format's creative and strategic team for the the widest range of audio productions. Here on topformat.com we will show you just how wide and effective our range of services is. Listen to the projects and read about the missions we and our customers have completed together.

Top Format, the all-round reliable brand for the best branding in audio design.

Audio imaging

Branding. A word that is being used with increasing frequency when it comes to promoting content. Brand perception continues to play a more important role in consumers’ choices, particularly when these consumers can choose from radio stations with, sometimes very, similar content. The emotions evoked amongst the target group are therefore often the most important factor in choosing (and remembering!) their favourite station. Translated into sound, this depends in part on the emotional experience, and in part on the messenger. A combination that is far from timeless, it must constantly ride the waves oftrends and always be capable of appealing to listeners’ emotions. This results in an ever-increasing offering and range of choices for consumers.

Branding is a factor that can set companies apart. Top Format is a major player in the audio design market. A specialist in branding for radio and television stations, we are also a producer of countless design packages for prominentstations throughout Europe. In addition to composition, casting and production techniques, strategic brainstorming and co-operative concept development are also decisive factors in creating a distinctive on-air image.


De keuze voor het creatieve en strategische team van Top Format voelt goed. Als retailer of als andere adverteerder delen we dezelfde passie voor radio. De basis is strategisch, de effectiviteit en creatie vul je in met de jarenlange en actuele expertise van Top Format. Maak kennis met onze producties, eigenlijk de laatste fase van elke samenwerking. Ervaar hoe het is om met ons bij het begin te starten. Van stemcasting tot soundlogo en van radioconcept tot volledige TV campagne, alle disciplines binnen één dynamisch productiehuis dat altijd bereikbaar is. Zo maakt Top Format elke naam waar.

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